Men's - Grey - Nesting Days
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Men's - Grey

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Nesting Days - Grey Men's Shirt Carrier

Limited sizes and quantities while they last. 


The SHIRT: 4 sizes: Small, Medium, Large X-Large
We started with a basic pull-over, V-neck tee shirt for men,
+  added our patented, crisscross ‘wings’ to hold baby,
+  and made it of soft, strong stretch/compression fabric.
=  The result: A revolutionary way for guys to bond with their baby!

The NEST: Perfectly proportioned to hold babies 7 to 18 pounds.
+ holds baby heart-to-heart’ and top of head close enough to kiss,
+ legs in a the healthy hips ‘M’ position with room to grow.
=  The result: A revolutionary way for babiesto bond with Dad.

We searched high and low for the perfect fabric because...what touches your skin is important... and what touches your baby's is even more important. We use SENSIL® - A new Nylon 6.6 brand created by NILIT®. 

SIZING:  It should feel tighter than a regular tee shirt when you first put it on.
That's because it needs to hug your body in order for it to hold my baby, heart-to-heart against your chest.

Here's what one Dad had to say: 
“I started out wanting a looser fit, but the baby drooped. When I put on the ‘right size’, it held my little baby against my chest. I’m sold!”

Men's Shirt Carrier

Carrier / T-shirt Size



36 - 38


39 - 41


42 - 44


45 - 48


Try your carrier on as soon as it arrives and contact us at  if you have any questions about fit / size exchange.

- Babies 7 to 18 pounds
~ PH neutral - no harsh chemicals or dyes
~ Created by a postpartum doula
~ Made In San Francisco

Learn more about the carrier on our FAQs page.

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