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classic newborn carrier

Created by a postpartum doula and inspired by yogawear, Nesting Days provides the "second womb" newborns need during the 4th trimester.

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mother sensitive design

Baby Sensitive Design

Skin-to-skin & heart-to-heart

For maximum skin-to-skin contact the caregiver's chest should be exposed and baby clothed only in a diaper.

happier breastfeeding

Skin-to-skin increases prolactin, for better milk production and greater breastfeeding success!

Some mothers find lowering one wing, reaching in and shifting the baby’s bum to either side, and then retying the wing works, but there are lots of techniques.

Our carrier is great for ‘laid back nursing’, which we love. We recommend being propped up at no less than a 30° angle to maintain visual contact with your baby.

Always return your baby to the heart-to-heart, upright position after nursing.

Skin to skin is great for NICU babies. Let your NICU team know that you’d like to hold your baby skin-to-skin, as soon as it is safe. They probably won’t be familiar with Nesting Days, but they do know the importance of skin-to-skin!

at home & on-the-go

Carry it everywhere in the handy zipper bag it comes in.

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If you get the wrong size, we'll send you the correct size along with a postage paid return envelope All of our exchanges are sent USPS Priority Mail, so you’ll have it right away.


We hope you'll love your Nesting Days carrier, but sometimes there will be returns. This is a not problem, as long it is still in wearable condition, which means trying it on and testing to see how you and your baby like it.

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