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What else Makes Us Unique?

We use SENSIL® - A new Nylon 6.6 brand created by NILIT®. Nesting Days is the only carrier that is like wearing your favorite yoga wear with the form and function of a baby carrier. Created by a postpartum doula, the Nesting Days carrier provides hands-free, skin-to-skin babywearing. It uses light-weight, technical fabrics in a patented tubular design that surrounds the mother's body 360 degrees, distributing baby's weight evenly over her body. The side tie adjusts the tension over the baby's back, allowing for growth and ease of use. It is intended for use at home, with baby in only a diaper for maximum skin-to-skin contact, and to be worn over clothing when on outings.

why Skin-To-Skin Is Important

Wearing our skin-to-skin newborn carrier boosts oxytocin levels and lowers cortisol (science talk for more love and less stress), and increases prolactin, for better milk production and greater breastfeeding success. It also promotes healthy attachment and bonding, because the nesting days are when these begin. Newborns need help regulating their own temperature (since they aren’t in that cozy womb anymore!), and mom or daddy’s skin is the perfect heater for their tiny bodies. Finally, our carrier aids in learning baby's cues, so feeding, sleeping and awake time can be more fully enjoyed.