How To Wear It

How to Wear it

Safe Baby Positioning





Safe Nursing

Most first time mothers like lowering one or both wings to nurse, and shifting the baby's bum to one side. For laid back nursing we recommend being propped up at no less than a 30 degree angle to maintain visual contact. Return baby to mid-line after nursing, and position baby so nose and mouth are not pressed against your chest. Skin-to-skin is great for NICU babies.

Let your NICU team know that you'd like to hold your baby skin-to-skin as soon as it is safe.


Selecting The Right Size

The two ‘wings’ of the garment are designed to open like the petals of a flower, and pass over your breasts and the baby’s head. The ’tubular core’ of the carrier is designed to gently support and mold to the new mother's changing figure. It should feel comfortably snug. Therefore you hip measurement is the most critical, see chart below. 
Wrong Size? No problem.
Email us at and we’ll quickly swap it out for the correct size.

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