Nesting Days Video

Getting your baby in and out of the car should be easy! Your Nesting Days carrier has your back when you and your baby need to make a quick getaway!

Another look at how to put on the Nesting Days carrier correctly making sure to keep baby's legs are in the "M" position

Ever wondered about forward versus backward facing baby carriers? Listen to Julie chatting with one of our Nesting Days moms about proper babywearing positioning!

Julie (Chief Mother Officer of Nesting Days) talks about the infant care revolution.

Julie talks about her passion and why she developed the Nesting Days carrier.

Julie talks about her hopes for the future and women having a larger role.

A Perfect Day - Shani recorded this sweet video of her "perfect day" dancing with her husband and baby girl in Nesting Days!

We are thrilled that Laura from Laura's Natural Life chose Nesting Days as her favorite baby carrier! Here is a clip from her youtube video where she shows how to wear it and how happy her baby is in it!

A behind-the-scenes peek at one of our Nesting Days moms trying on her carrier for the first time and chatting with Julie.

Nesting Days Music: And They All Went To The Seashore...