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The Nesting Days Newborn Baby Carrier

The ultimate baby bonding experience. An innovative, skin-to-skin newborn baby carrier and postpartum body shaper made by Julie Arvan.

Why We Thought The World Needed A Better Baby Carrier...

The Problem With Other Carriers:

Baby slings and wraps are just pieces of fabric, complicated to put on, and not safe unless worn just right.

Other types of baby carriers are bulky, uncomfortable to wear, and have buckles and straps.

No baby carrier on the market is sleek and comfortable like a wrap (no buckles or straps), yet is also quick and easy put on and can be worn 'hands-free' with baby, while also being safe.

No one has been able to make a carrier that is the 'best of both worlds' without the disadvantages of either type above.

Until Nesting Days...

The Nesting Days Solution:

The Nesting Days carrier is the only completely soft and streamlined carrier that can also compete with larger bulkier infant carriers. It is also superior to any other soft baby wrap or sling and specifically designed for skin-to-skin bonding with newborns right after birth.

Nesting Days is a new type of baby carrier without the disadvantages of conventional designs.

Nesting Days combines the strength of high-end technical yoga wear fabrics (like lululemon, athleta) with a patented winged design that works perfectly because of a careful balance.

Our exact fabrics and compression along with the combination of the design must be just right.

Also functions as a postpartum body shaper on the mid-section similar to Spanx.

Machine Washable. Cold wash and 5 minutes in the dryer and it’s done (can’t do that with any other wrap).

At Nesting Days, we are passionate about skin-to-skin babywearing for all parents. Thanks to evidence-based research, holding the newborn the way nature intended - skin-to-skin- is going viral, and so is our carrier.

Parents everywhere are discovering that the warmth of their body and the tenderness of their hearts are the key ingredients to a happy and healthy fourth trimester.

Inspired by yoga wear, the Nesting Days baby carrier's soft, crisscrossed wings hold newborns, from birth to a maximum weight of 18 pounds, in a natural 'curl' against the wearer's chest.

Gentle compression helps postpartum recovery.

Wear it from day-one, skin-to-skin or over clothes. At home or on the go.

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"Some other baby carriers I've tried look similar when on, but once I tried the Nesting Days carrier, I really understood the difference. It costs a bit more, but my baby is worth it! There is no other carrier like this, it's simply the best!"

- Joanne (Brooklyn, NY)

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