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Safety Warning



Nesting Days Safety Warning



WEIGHT RESTRICTION - Made for babies 5 to18 pounds.
FALL HAZARD - Infants can fall out of baby carriers.
Take special care when leaning or walking.
Never bend at waist - bend at knees.
Adjust carrier snugly over baby’s back with side tie or buckle.
Before each use, make sure there are no tears or loose seams.
Infants under 4 months can suffocate in the product if face is pressed tight against your body.

Allow room for head movement.
Do not press nose and mouth against the caregiver’s body.
Turn baby head to either side, support with shoulder wings.
Tilt baby’s chin slightly up to keep airways open.
Keep babies face visible by adjusting shoulder rings.
Baby’s shoulders should be above the wearer’s breasts, and top of head close enough to kiss.
OVERHEATING - Skin-to-skin generates extra heat. When you are too warm so is your baby. Take a break, especially in hot weather.

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