Return / Exchange Policy

What is your return / exchange policy?

At Nesting Days, we are always happy to exchange or return any baby carrier for whatever reason, as long as it is in wearable condition, which means trying it on and testing it to see how you and your baby like it.  Email us with questions, size issues or returns at, so we can take care of your needs.

Sometimes, if your baby is not nestled in the carrier correctly, he or she may be uncomfortable and begin to cry. Please make sure you are using your carrier correctly before making the final decision to make a return.

Below you may find our FAQ and "How to Wear It" links that will help give you and your newborn the best possible experience! Or you can watch the short video at right that demonstrates how to correctly position your baby in the carrier. 

Nesting Days Frequently Asked Questions

How to Wear It 

Please ask us for help if you require further assistance after following the above steps. If you are still experiencing trouble after re-reading the instructions provided and after consulting with us, we would be happy to process your return.


—Nesting Days Customer Service