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You may wonder why we charge what we do for our "NOT LIKE ANY OTHER CARRIER", carrier...

Well, in this new world of transparency and full disclosure....we are happy to share why our carriers cost what they do.

#1....We make our carriers HOME...right here in the USA, specifically in our ethical factories in the San Francisco Bay Area!!

As you know, domestic made Production is very pricey, as our factories allow our workers to make a living wage!!!  But, that combined with our factories being based in the San Francisco Bay Area only accelerates those costs as San Francisco is one of the most expensive places to live in the world.
1. Body Temperature: Newborns need help regulating their own temperature (since they aren't in that cozy womb anymore!), and mom or daddy's skin is the perfect heater for their tiny bodies.
2. Brain Development:Baby brains need oxygen, sleep, and a stable heart rate to grow to their best potential. Skin-to-skin contact beats out the incubator in effectively stabilizing their core physiological processes.
3. Weight Gain: Being cold is no fun, right? Chilly bab
Breastfeeding is increasingly promoted these days, as more and more evidence shows the importance of feeding babies this complete, species-specific food. We know that breast milk is full of living vitamins and minerals, but here are some things you might not know:
You’ve probably heard about the proverbial “baby blues”, and its more serious sister, postpartum depression, both of which can leave you and your body feeling all kinds of bad after you give birth. Let’s start with something really important: If you feel this way consistently, you’re not just having a “bad day”, and more to the point, it’s nothing to be ashamed of! Postpartum mood swings are very common, due to the intense changes in hormones that new moms experience.

The Japanese proverb,“giving birth to a baby is easier than worrying about it!”, is the basis of my experience and advice to an expectant mama out there.

It was only three years ago since my second delivery, but you'll soon see why the events are still fresher than a cadaver in my head.

It doesn’t take a scientist to tell us that holding our babies for extended periods of time encourages life long bonds between children and parents.

Skin-to-skin care is a practice that has most commonly been used with premature babies to help stimulate growth and encourage bonds between parents and babies as they undergo treatment in hospital for long periods of time.

Two blue jays built a nest in my lemon tree early in the spring, and I had patiently kept my distance as they diligently tended their young over the past months. As it turned officially summer this weekend, I decided it was time to get the ladder out and take a closer look at their handicraft.

I’m a trained postpartum doula. Because many people don’t know what a postpartum doula is or does, I usually begin by explaining what I don’t do. I am not medically trained. I do not make diagnosis, give medical advise, or administer medicine.

What I do do is Nurture, Educate, Support and Transition (N.E.S.T.) the new mother and her infant on their journey from womb to world.

“When I was 28 years old I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Due to the incurable nature of the cancer I had, my doctors decided it would be best to do a complete double mastectomy with reconstruction surgery.

Looking back, now 5 years in remission, it all feels like a dream. And the perspective I had gained was so invaluable. After my diagnosis, I vowed to myself that I would appreciate every single day. You never know when your time will run out.

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