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Hey Kids, want to go on a teddy bear hunt? Bay Area neighbors have come together with a great way to entertain kids who are stuck at home while practicing social distancing during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Today, Tuesday, Nov 19, a group of 40 children and adults representing The Butterfly Effect Migration Project' have traveled from the Bay Area to Washington, D.C., with 15,000 hand-made paper butterflies. 🦋
Five years ago, on November 17th, 2014, I had the good fortune to travel to Rwanda to take part in the First Kangaroo Mother Care Product Forum at the bequest of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. On World Prematurity Day 2019 the journey continues...may our little lights shine all around the world. ❤️👶
Today begins World Breastfeeding Week, devoted to listening to the collective feminine voice of millions of breastfeeding mothers around the world.
We know breastfeeding is challenging for many moms. The reason we created Nesting Days is to accelerate the new mother’s understanding of her baby’s needs.  Skin-to-skin makes that understanding so much easier. Learning baby’s cues, practicing latching, anticipating when they need to feed, and promoting healthy milk supply are all accelerated when your baby is connected— heart-to-heart and skin-to-skin.

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