7 Reasons to Nest with Nesting Days - Featuring 10 Real Moms

The theme of International Babywearing Week 2020 is “Embracing the Future” and at Nesting Days, we want to help you snuggle your baby close in our sheltered nest. We may not know what the future will hold in these uncertain times, but we can help you keep a safe embrace around your future – your little one.

There’s so much darkness around right now as we are still in the midst a global pandemic, but time with your newborn should be a ray of light!

Stories are a way we connect. Connection and community are especially important during these difficult times. There’s so much darkness around right now as we are still in the midst a global pandemic, but time with your newborn should be a ray of light! Telling your stories is one of the greatest honors of my life – so here are 10 real moms, and snippets of their stories.

“My daughter was born at 28 weeks and spent 64 days in the NICU. … Skin to skin is so important – for preemies especially – and none of the bulky carriers I’d used previously were going to be able to provide that closeness. This carrier is the absolute best I’ve found. We tried it as soon as they disconnected all of her leads and wires, the day before she came home. She was perfectly snuggled and supported.”   Jade O. 8/9

1. You can use it from Day 1.

Our carriers are a soft and snuggly second womb where newborns feel safe and secure just like they did in mom’s belly.

After months of being completely surrounded by mom’s warmth in utero, a baby is brought into a bright, loud world. A Nesting Days carrier reminds baby of the comforts from before birth - a supported and safe “held” feeling, warmth, protection from the outside world’s distractions, and the calming sound of mom’s heartbeat.

“At just four days old we tried and loved the carrier! She was so snug and cozy, my son actually thought “you put the baby back in your tummy?? We’ve used it every day since and I love the confidence of being able to do chores and fun things with my son hands free!!”

Bailey S. 3/21

2. Nesting Days provides important skin-to-skin connection.

Unlike bulky carriers, you can wear our carrier like a shirt and have skin-to-skin all day, every day. Skin-to-skin, sometimes also referred to as “kangaroo care,” is not just for the first hours or days of life.

Ongoing and continued skin-to-skin every day can actually help you and your baby in many ways throughout the entire 4th trimester - and beyond!

Benefits for baby: 

-regulating body temperature stable, 

-normal heart rate and blood pressure 

-longer and deeper sleep feeling of safety and comfort

-optimal brain development exposure to mom’s good bacteria, building a healthy microbiome

Benefits for mom: 

-produces the hormone prolactin which stimulates milk production 

-decreased chances of postpartum depression learn baby cues more easily 

Benefits for both:  

 -lower cortisol levels (the stress hormone)

“I just adopted my daughter and knew I wanted to do lots of skin to skin! It’s so important to attachment in the early days of adoption! This carrier was recommended by a friend and has been the thing I was looking for.”

Terra 12/3/19

3. You can breastfeed while keeping baby in the carrier.

Many moms rely on breastfeeding as a way to support baby’s new immune system, especially during the pandemic. Nesting Days allows you to nurse without taking off the carrier - in fact, it gives easy and discreet on-demand access to the breast. After breastfeeding, return your baby to an upright position for burping and help with reflux.

“It’s extremely comfortable and I wear it as a shirt so I can easily pop my baby in it when he’s fussing and doesn’t want to be put down. He falls asleep very easily in it. I love the function of being able to turn him to the side and nurse him without removing him from the carrier. I love it so much that I bought three: wash, wear and a spare!”

Kiara H. 5/28
““Mom of five and birth doula - I’m in LOVE with the Nesting Days carrier! … I so wish I would have had this sooner! It is a dream to put on and wear. I also love how easy it is to just untie and slide the straps down when it’s time to nurse, without having to actually the whole thing off. I will definitely be recommending it to all of my mom friends and my clients!”

Nikki M. 2/5

4. Hands-free allows moms to multitask.

While holding your newborn kissably close, you can also:

Cook & take care of household chores Prep foods, wash dishes, do laundry, clean up.

Manage older children. Older kids need mom’s love and attention, too and Nesting Days lets you nestle baby close while doing story time, help with snacks, playing with toys, assisting with school work or even homeschooling older kids Work At a computer, at a desk, writing, reading, crafting, music-making.

"Loving how my Nesting Days carrier helps me accomplish more in a day than I ever thought I could! … Some days I feel like super mom as I’m designing away while holding baby Willa … this carrier has been a game changer in my mama book.”

Tami O. 11/29
“Makes day to day tasks a breeze. I can take care of my other 3 children while carry my newborn. I even breastfeed with it on! It’s worth every penny.”

Stef K. 3/27

5. It’s also a postpartum body shaper.

The 4-way stretch fabric provides compression and structured support as your internal organs are shifting back into their original places. Nesting Days was also voted #1 carrier for c-sections by Babylist. The “skirt” of the carrier is soft and gentle, even over a tender cesarean incision.

"Comfy and cute. My little guy is a week old and it makes me feel close to him like he’s still in the womb. My back feels supported and it’s comfortable on my c-section incision.”

Gina G. 5/13

6. Baby can stay a safe distance from others.

Shelter your newborn skin-to-skin and socially distant from others, even while out for a walk, at a store, or at gatherings and holidays.

Create your own safe, comfortable bubble to keep baby from being poked and prodded, kissed, held, or anything that feels unsafe to you.

“This carrier instantly calms my newborn and makes life so much easier and I get to enjoy lots of sweet cuddles. She loves to nap in the carrier when we are out and about and even breastfeeds easily while in the carrier (and in public) and no one even knows.”

Kelly D. 7/27

7. Nesting Days helps form a strong bond between you and your baby.

Skin-to-skin babywearing helps produce oxytocin – the love hormone!

“If I had to pick only one item to recommend to a new mother it would be this carrier. I believe the carrier helped mold the bond that I have with my baby.”

Sorcha N. 5/29

By Julie Arvan
Chief Mother Officer - Nesting Days

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