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COVID-19 crisis from a mother's perspective?

Everyone has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and quarantine protocols. And many mothers have found themselves without work and/or childcare, due to health and safety plans designed to prevent spreading the virus and no recourse in sight.

Many moms have had to make some impossible choices for the good of their families, like choosing different baby products. But some have made the best in this terrible situation. Many people on lockdown have decided to use the free time to be constructive, and moms are no different. In fact, some are writing helpful blogs or starting a Covid-19 company to help struggling mothers.

With a younger kid having the whole world new to them, and you being stuck at home, teaching is a great use of the day. A new language, a new skill, a fun art project, or even teaching them yoga to help curb those boredom mood swings. And with everything being orderable online, if you wanted the best yoga DVD for beginners, it can be at your doorstep in a couple of days. Then you and baby can do Warrior One together.

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Sometimes, however, that silver lining is hard to find. If you are a working mother, you rely on childcare to keep your little ones safe and occupied while you diligently go to your job to keep the bill paid. But the Covid-19 pandemic and all the new life changes we have had to endure, has flipped your life, your work, and your childcare expectations, completely on its head.

With Covid-19 stay at home orders keeping most people sequestered to their houses, if you are a working mom, you are probably telecommuting. And working with kids running about is often distracting, affecting your performance and efficiency. Another reason why childcare should be considered an essential industry and remained open, but with increased safety and health protocols.  

Conclusion:  It may seem bleak, but do not despair. There are silver linings to every bad situation and if you try, finding them isn’t difficult. Maybe you can take that idea and start a Covid-19 company geared toward helping others as a potential revenue source. What have you done to keep your family afloat, and keep them from losing their minds, during the lockdown?

About the author: Her mother was put out of work due to the Covid-19 pandemic. She has known many mothers, single and married, that have had to make tough choices, but many have done so with dignity, grace, and have received the admiration of their children for it.

Carolyn Landis

By Carolyn Landis
Nesting Days Guest Writer


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