Five Ways Babywearing Can Make Your Holiday Happier

June 05, 2014 0 comments

Five Ways Babywearing Can Make Your Holiday Happier

The holidays are busy for everyone, especially new moms! Here are five ways that babywearing can make your holiday happier for everyone.

1. Babywearing keeps your baby warm.

It’s starting to get chilly in many places, and babies do not like to be cold! Skin-to-skin babywearing will help regulate and maintain your baby’s temperature. Try wearing your Nesting Days carrier with your baby against your chest, and then adding a long sleeve cardigan on top to keep your own arms warm. You’ll stay happy and warm together, and get all the benefits of skin-to skin! Just be sure to take a break if either one of you gets TOO warm!

2. Babywearing helps your baby feel loved in a busy time.

The holidays are such a busy, bustling time. Instead of leaving baby alone in the crib because you have huge to-do list, keep your baby close to you! Babywearing enables you to spend time with your baby, doing the things that simple must get done. Your newborn is absolutely used to your movement from their time in utero, and will be quite content snuggling while you are productive.

3. Babywearing gives you an extra hand!

All mothers know that babies just need to be held sometimes: even if nothing is officially wrong, young babies crave that closeness with their mothers. Babywearing gives you an extra set of hands for those times when your newborn needs some love but you’re trying to do something else. It’s awfully hard to wrap a present or frost a cookie with only one hand! Using a Nesting Days carrier lets you use both hands for holiday merry-making while your baby is safely held close to your heart.

4. Babywearing is much easier managing a stroller.

Strollers have their place, but have you ever tried to navigate a crowded sale with a bulky stroller? It can be frustrating and downright dangerous if people don’t pay attention! Babywearing makes last-minute shopping trips much more manageable. Instead of pushing a stroller in a busy store, keep your baby tucked in close to you; it’s safer and will let you get in and out quickly.

5. Lastly, babywearing helps you focus on what really matters.

Many of the above tips talked about how babywearing makes your life easier. But one of the big reasons to wear your baby is to be able to focus on what truly matters this season: your relationship with your baby. You’ve already experienced the miracle of birth- now enjoy that little person as they grow up before your eyes! Enjoy some cuddles on the couch or rocking chair, or sway along to the holiday music. Babywearing helps you focus on how a happy, healthy baby is the best gift of all!


Are you trimming the tree with your baby? Are you singing along to carols with your newborn? Or just enjoying extra snuggle time with your family? Nesting Days wants to see how you use your carrier to have a happier, hands-free holiday!

Send us any pictures you take with your Nesting Days carrier this holiday, and we’ll post them in our Hands-Free Holiday Gallery on the blog!

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We can’t wait to see how your Nesting Days carrier makes your holiday happy and hands-free!