Mother walking with nesting days carrie

Made in San Francisco

We went to our cabin for the Labor Day weekend.

Getting away and working on our 10 acres of land in the Sierra Foothills felt restorative, but even as I ‘chop wood and carry water’, my thoughts drift to Nesting Days and its future.

The next 100 units of Nesting Days Newborn Carriers will be finished this week. They are being made in a little sewing shop located in the historic Dog Patch District of San Francisco, which is only five minutes from my home office, so I drop in often.

As someone who sews, I truly appreciate the skilled labor of the women who are making my product, and the feeling of family that permeates the shop floor.

Creating nesting days carrier

With the growing ‘maker culture’ in San Francisco, the sewing factories are adjusting their workflow to make smaller production runs to meet the needs of customers like Nesting Days.

Making Nesting Days locally is very important to me, as is sustaining the sewing industry that has deep roots in our American culture.

It makes it cost a little more, but it is worth it.

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