Mother walking with nesting days carrie

Nesting Days At The 2015 Pre-Golden Globes Kids & Baby Style Lounge

Nesting Days had the incredible opportunity to go to the Pre-Golden Globes "Boom Boom Room" Kids & Baby Style Lounge in January. We got the chance to meet many wonderful women, from expectant mothers to busy moms of active toddlers. Boom Boom Room globescomp1It was a great opportunity to meet new people. And even though these women seemed to come from a very different lifestyle, it was easy to see they were just mothers who loved their children. No matter where you come from, we are all connected in the sisterhood of motherhood! globes-comp2I loved being a part of the Boom Boom Room, and meeting so many beautiful mothers and moms-to-be. Thanks for everyone who came to support Nesting Days; it sweet to meet your precious babies and hear your touching stories. celeb-combo1 celeb-combo2 Boom Boom Room

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