Men's Grey


We've run out of MEDIUM 😟 but the SMALL may be a good option!😀 Customer feedback has been to size down. Of course, if it doesn't fit, you can return it for a refund. There are no 'pre-orders' on the men's at this time, but our commitment to fathers is just as stronger as ever! We started with a basic pull-over, V-neck tee shirt for men,
 +  added our patented, crisscross ‘wings’ to hold baby,
 +  and made it of soft, strong stretch/compression fabric.
 = The result: A men’s baby carrier shirt, a revolutionary way for guys to bond with their baby!

The NEST: Perfectly proportioned to hold babies 7 to 18 pounds.
+ holds baby heart-to-heart’ and top of head close enough to kiss,
+ legs in healthy hips ‘M’ position with room to grow.
= The result: A revolutionary way for babies to bond with Dad.

Try your carrier on as soon as it arrives and contact us at if you have any questions about fit/size exchange.

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