Mother walking with nesting days carrie

Beautiful mom, beautiful baby. Meet Honorine...

“I am in love with my Nesting Days carrier!  It is incredibly easy and quick to put on. The fabric is lightweight so my baby doesn't overheat when we are out. The stretch of the fabric gives it a little bounce which is fabulous when it comes to soothing my little fussbucket. I just bounce a little on my heels and the Nesting Days does the rest. I use it every day, so the fact that it only takes twenty minutes to dry after washing is amazing.  It also looks super cute on, which you can't say about many baby carriers. Having just given birth it's a giant bonus to wear the baby in something that doesn't make me feel like a huge frump. I have gotten comments from every mom that sees me in the carrier. Thanks Nesting Days!”


San Francisco, California

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