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Dear Mommy - A Mother's Day Letter

Dear Mommy,

Happy first Mother’s Day. I am thankful for so many things, and I can’t tell you any of them.

When you hold me in your arms, I feel warm and safe. Your embrace is my home. I breath easy with the smell of your skin and hair enveloping me. When I nurse, my body and mind relax, and I’m reminded of the water’s taste where I was suspended before I was born into this world.

The image of your face and your eyes burns into me and I know that people are kind and good beings. The soft tone of your voice reassures me and makes me wonder about sound and language.

Thank you for feeding me when I’m hungry or thirsty. Thank you for holding me when I’m unsure. Thank you for rocking me when I feel agitated and I don’t know why. You are the one who meets my needs.

When you walk with me strapped snugly to your chest, I feel the familiar sway from life in your womb. Mommy, I’m scared to let sleep overtake me. I can rest when I know I’m with you. The world outside frightens me and I’m glad you know that I’m still a part of you, even though you can see me now.

Your Newborn Baby

The early days of motherhood can shock new moms. There are no breaks, not even in the wee hours of the night. Your baby can’t explain his feelings to you, and he can’t conceptualize you as a being with needs of your own. You may feel confused, frustrated, and tired. Consider simplifying your involvement in things outside of mothering, for a time. You don’t need to give anything up permanently, but it’s important that for now, you devote yourself to the job at hand. If you fully immerse yourself in your tasks, you will discover the hero that you are capable of being. Being completely present in your mothering lets you experience a joy like no other in the world. You were made to do this! Happy Mother’s Day.


Your Chief Mother Officer,

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