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The Nesting Days Men's Carrier - The perfect gift for the new Dad!

We’re celebrating Father’s Day with the launch of our newest creation, our men's shirt carrier!

It is the perfect gift for the new dad, and it’s the gift that keeps on giving !!!  Moms, we feel you! Pre-orders begin TODAY - Ships in 4 to 6 weeks. Be the first to have one!

Teamwork is ‘in’ when it comes to parenting, and helping new dads and new moms provide a better welcome to the world for their newborn is our mission.

Dads, you can wear it around the house, out for coffee, and just for the pure enjoyment of being with your newborn, heart-to-heart.

Parents, we’re behind you all the way and wish the whole family a Happy Father’s Day!

At Nesting Days we love being a part of helping YOU rewrite the story of modern parenting!

Dads, if you need a reason to be an involved with your baby, other than the pure joy of it, Dr. T. Berry Brazelton, renowned pediatrician and author, has this to say:

"There are studies now which show that if a father is involved with children from infancy, by 7 years of age they have a higher I.Q., do better in school and have a better sense of humor.”

While we all want smart, well-adjusted children, just holding your newborn has its own rewards.


The Oxytocin Effect: The more time your spend with your baby, the more oxytocin is released into your system. You start looking forward to snuggling your little one, In turn, your baby get a little oxytocin, too. Mom, who is sitting nearby, sees all this and her oxytocin goes through the ceiling.  The result, a family love fest!

More Skin-In-The-Game:  Skin-to-skin is what sets our women’s newborn carrier apart from the competition, but our mens shirt carrier isn’t technically skin-to-skin. Guys in our focus groups made TWO things clear; IF we made our men's shirt carrier with a layer between their hairy chests and their newborn, (1) they would wear their babies MORE OFTEN, and (2) they would wear their babies for LONGER. We went for MORE and think it was a wise choice.

Better Teamwork: Caring for a newborn is a 24/7 job. Learning to do ‘hand-offs’ with your partner will make life for the whole family a lot sweeter. Hopefully, you’ll have a paternity leave so you can be present in the first months. You don’t have breasts, but you do have arms. You can wear your men's shirt carrier at home, on the go, at even at the night, when newborns seem to come alive. Walking the floor will get a whole lot easier when you use the carrier. You’ll feel more secure, and so will your baby. Moms, a bit of advice — give our your partner ‘space’ to develop their own style of nurturing. He will have his own style, and at first it may look a little scary, and he may look scared too, but he’ll get the hang of it. When he hears, “It was so nice to sleep-in. You did a great job!” he’ll feel like the hero he really is.

Here is a brief run-down of the FEATURES of our men's shirt carrier:

The SHIRT: 4 sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

We started with a basic pull-over, V-neck tee shirt for men,

          +   added our patented, crisscross ‘wings’ to hold baby,
          +   and made it of soft, strong stretch/compression fabric.
          =  The result: A revolutionary way for guys to bond with their baby!

        The NEST: Perfectly proportioned to hold babies 7 to 18 pounds.

            +  holds baby heart-to-heart’ and top of head close enough to kiss,

            +  legs in a the healthy hips ‘M’ position with room to grow.

            =  The result: A revolutionary way for babies to bond with Dad.

            Fit: Should be a little snug so baby is hugged. 

                  “When I first put the shirt on, it felt tighter that a regular shirt, but once I put my baby in the carrier it made sense. It needs to hug my body - in order for it to hold my baby close to me.  Brilliant design!”.  
                  “I started out wanting a looser fit and the baby drooped. When I put on the ‘right size’, it held my little 8 pound son against my chest perfectly.  I’m sold!”

                  Wearing Instructions:

                  - Open the side buckle by pressing on the center ‘dotted’ area.

                  - Pull on over your head and over your torso like you do with any other shirt.

                  - Put baby in burp position on one shoulder, supporting her with one hand.

                  - With the other hand, grasp baby’s legs and lower her in behind both crisscrossed ‘wings’.

                  - Close the buckle, position baby’s legs, support head and neck (see diagram) and enjoy!

                  - Wear it at home and on the go, day and night!


                  Father Wearing Instructions


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