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We Are All Sisters Of A Mysterious Order...

"We are all sisters of a mysterious order."

Quote from Woman's Worth, by Marianne Williamson


Today begins World Breastfeeding Week(August 1-7), a week devoted to listening to the collective feminine voice of millions of breastfeeding mothers around the world. The 'me too' movement has shown us the power of speaking our truth, and the truth about breastfeeding needs to be told too. At the heart of Nesting Days is my own experience as a mother and and why 'we are all sister of a mysterious order,' that spans time, place and culture.

If you're a breastfeeding mom and would like us to share your truth on our Instagram stories --  send us a video. It can be joyous, embarrassing, funny, tearful or angry. You can spill your guts about the mean lady who told you to cover your breasts in the park, or the shaming you felt when your milk wasn't sufficient, or how you cried when you return to work and had to pump in the restroom away from you baby.

You have the real stories that will fuel the change. Email or text your videos to I'll make sure that your story is told.

I look forward to your share,

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Julie Arvan, Your Chief Mother Officer, Nesting Days

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This week only - August 1-7,2018.

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