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Julie Arvan - My Story

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I am a wife, mother, teacher, entrepreneur, postpartum doula, and most recently, an inventor on a mission. Armed with my own ‘knowing’, and supported by the latest evidence-based research, I set out to make an ‘external womb’ for the infant 0 to 5 months. It took over a year of experimentation and tinkering, but finally, in February 2013, I filed my first patent and called the product Nesting Days. Solving the problem of how to hold the newborn infant safely, skin-to-skin on its mother’s chest, was the hard part. I knew that if I could accomplish that, everything else would follow. The infant would have the stimulation it needs just by being close to mom,  and mom would have her baby in a safe, nurturing place. Finding a fabric with the right properties was key. Luckily, those same properties also provided the gentle support to the new mother’s postpartum figure. The fact that it was also stylish and slimming was an added bonus. So, I’m happy to bring to you the first infant carrier and postpartum body shaper! My vision for Nesting Days is that it ushers in a new era of infant care and postpartum mothering...where all babies enjoy the beating of their mother’s heart, the sound of her breath, and the sway of her movements...and find the journey from womb to world a gentle one. Julie, Your Chief Mother Officer

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