Waffle Weave Creme Robe
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Waffle Weave Creme Robe

Our Waffle Weave Creme Robe: Wear it morning, noon and night! The perfect holiday gift for the expecting and new moms you love. Feels like cashmere but safe to toss in the washer and dryer. Pamper her!  She deserves it! Pamper yourself! You just made a new human! (Sash not shown.) It's like putting on a warm hug!

● Skin-to-skin comfort for you and your newborn 

● Safe, easy, hands-free baby wearing 

● Has the sleek and comfortable feel of a baby wrap, but uses a patented 'wing’ design that is much easier to put on

● No buckles, hard edges, straps or wrapping

● Can be worn 'feet-in' (for younger babies) or 'feet-out' as baby gets bigger

● Functions as a postpartum body shaper on the mid-section

● Has a skirt that can either be worn down or up over the rest of the baby carrier

● Created by a postpartum doula and mother tested 

● Voted #1 as 'Best C-Section Carrier' by Baby List

● Light-weight, easy to wash and fast drying 

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