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"It's kind of like a wrap, sort of like a shirt but has a skirt, and kind of like yoga wear..."

How We Are Different

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What is the Nesting Days newborn carrier?

The Nesting Days Babywearing Shirt provides skin-to-skin nurturing (also known as Kangaroo Mother Care) for babies up to 18 pounds. It is a piece of wearing apparel - inspired by today's yoga wear, activewear, and shape wear.

It uses light-weight, technical fabrics in a patented tubular design, that surrounds the mother's body 360 degrees, distributing baby's weight evenly over her body, and rendering it free of complicated wrapping, straps, buckles or harnesses.  

Created by a postpartum doula, the goal is to make extended skin-to-skin time, practical and comfortable. It is intended for use at home, with baby in only a diaper for maximum skin-to-skin contact, and to be worn over clothing when on outings.

It is technically a sling, because baby can be in either an upright or semi-reclined position, however, we recommend returning the newborn to an upright position unless nursing, as this is recognized as the safest position for baby wearing.

It is also a gentle body shaper for postpartum mom, providing support to her abdominal muscles while still being soft enough to wear over a c-section. It's baby wearing at its best!

Inspired by the comfort, flexibility, and 'love' women have for stretch pants (we all wear them!). Women's design: (my pride and joy)  - 60 nylon / 40 Lycra - warp knit  - Black and Polka Dot (same base fabric)
 - 85 poly /15 spandex - circular knit - Sand and Sweetspot (same base fabric)

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Key points that make Nesting Days different:

    •    Skin-to-Skin:  More is better when it comes to skin to skin time, and Nesting Days makes it possible to cuddle up with your baby skin to skin , both day and night, in total safety and comfort.    

    •    Baby Ergonomics: Newborns are different which is why Nesting Days has created a safe ‘nest’  tailored to the unique physiology and sensory needs of the newborn 7 to 18 pounds.

    •    Hands Free:  No buckles, hard edges or complicated wrapping, thanks to Nesting Days amazing patented design that holds baby in the safest place possible, heart to heart, completely hands free.

    •    Body shaper: Made of 4-D stretch fabric, Nesting Days uses abdominal support to distribute the baby's weight evenly over the wearer's body, taking stain off of shoulders and back, and supporting postpartum recovery.

Happy Nesting!

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